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Gregory Tobin

Biological Mimetics, Inc


Gregory Tobin, President and CEO of Biological Mimetics, Inc., has worked in the vaccine discovery field for over 30 years. He is the co-inventor of two novel vaccine platform technologies. The Immune Refocusing Technology (IRT) is used to identify epitopes that stimulate narrow, strain-restricted immunity and guide modifications of the antigen that enable the host immune system to mount more broadly protective responses to previously sub-dominant epitopes. BMI is currently developing IRT vaccines for universal influenza, human rhinovirus, and porcine circovirus-2 targets.

Today, Dr. Tobin will be discussing a second platform technology for irradiation-inactivated vaccines. The discussions will focus on the analysis of UltraIPV, an irradiation-inactivated Sabin-based vaccine and a presentation of its safety and economic advantages over traditional inactivated polio vaccines.

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